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We’re Information Security Leaders here to support your Information Security needs

At HPS we leverage our connections with civilian, national security, and law enforcement agencies to stay informed of the latest threats and strengthen our position on the front lines of information security.

Information Security Consulting Experts

When you lack the internal resources needed to meet the demands of your information security program, HPS is your reliable partner who can augment your team. We provide information security expertise and experience when your resources are overcommitted in other areas or projects so that you can continuously protect your organization

At HPS, our team of security professionals is dedicated to eliminating and reducing information security threats, ensuring that your organization is on the correct path, and preventing you from falling victim to a cyber attack.

Our collaborative team of subject matter experts, researchers, and thought leaders have proven their value through numerous projects and engagements. When you partner with HPS, you gain access to our extensive collective knowledge and experience.

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Our services

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing helps identify weaknesses within your organizations from the perspective of a hacker.


Security compliance with a variety of leading government and industry standards including; DIACAP, NIST, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, COBIT, ISO 27001.

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration services which assist clients in designing and architecting the right cloud solution for their business needs.


HPS will help align your existing data center infrastructure to support changing business requirements while achieving cost savings.

Cybersecurity Awareness

HPS can help you develop custom security
training modules for your organization.

Virtual Security Team

With this service, you gain access to a team of expert analysts who turn your business strategies into technical solutions.

Identity & Access Management

HPS is pleased to be an Okta Partner. Okta is an on-demand Identity & Access Management (IAM) service.

Technical Writing

HPS helps you strategically plan and deliver the right information to the right audiences.

Our Partners

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vCISO - Data Sheet

ISO 27001 - Data Sheet

Pen Testing - Data Sheet

Okta - Data Sheet