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Cloud Integrations

Virtualization and Cloud Integrations

Many organizations are shifting their traditional on premise data center environments to the cloud by leveraging a variety of virtualization technologies. This includes the migrations of many on premise applications.

How can we help you?

Whether you are looking for a managed service provider or someone to help you achieve your move to the cloud, HPS is here to help. We’ve helped numerous organizations accomplish their move to the cloud. If you are deciding on how to extend the lifecycle of your legacy systems or applications, then exploring the use of virtualization is a great choice. Our team of cloud integration experts can help you seamlessly plan and accomplish your move to a cloud based platform.

HPS Value Added

HPS team members have helped many public and private sector clients virtualize their existing physical data center environments. This has enabled them to gain a degree of flexibly in relation to how they deploy their new environment. Organizations who become more agile can easier control costs to stay competitive. Regardless of your service industry, HPS will help you plan and realize your move to a public or private cloud.

Benefits of Virtualization

Disaster Recovery

HPS will assist you design and implement a disaster recovery process that enables you to switch over to a redundant or standby server, system or network upon the failure or termination of an existing asset. This process is unique to each organization as their critical assets will differ. However, the underlying approach of using virtualization technologies and cloud services will remain the same.


Virtualization significantly improves the efficiency and availability of your applications and systems. The deployment time for your servers and applications will be reduced allowing you more time for your technology team to come up with innovative ideas to support your business. One of the many challenges with IT deployment is rolling out new servers. With virtualization, you can provision a server in minutes or hours instead of days and weeks.

Data Center and Server consolidation

Whether your plan is to downsize or eliminate your current data center or reduce your server footprint, HPS can provide you with a variety of options to suite your needs.

Determining your readiness for virtualization and cloud integrations

Assess your infrastructure

Get a broad view of organizational issues and areas that would benefit from virtualization and cloud technologies.

Become a saver!

Explore which systems are redundant and which are underutilized. This will help you have a good picture of what can be consolidated.

Visualize your company IT assets in the cloud!

Have you decided on the optimal storage and application placement? For example, should it be in the external cloud, in an internal cloud with a hosting provider, or in a colocation facility?