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IT Audit & Assurance

IT Audit & Assurance

The flow of information is essential for all organizations as it allows them to operate and make informed decisions. The management of information is vital to an organization’s growth and success. One way to establish a solid approach for protecting information is the continuous achievement of IT Audit & Assurance principles. This provides organizations with the confidence that their IT systems are adequately protected and managed so their intended objectives are accomplished.

IT Audit & Assurance efforts are often driven by strict regulatory guidance and standards. Some these include; NIST, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, COBIT, ISO 27001 and many others. Our team is experienced with these initiatives and possess the administrative and technical knowledge that can help your organization meet your immediate IT Audit & Assurance needs.

How can we help you?

HPS team members are highly experienced in assisting organizations with the implementation of a solid IT Audit & Assurance program. We take the time to understand our customer’s business needs and work to align their IT Assurance objectives with these needs. Working through this process is essential to helping organizations identify major risks and opportunities for improvement within their organization. As a trusted partner we accomplish this without losing focus of your immediate business requirements.

Our approach to helping you achieve your IT Audit & Assurance goals are accomplished by performing risk assessments, analyzing your underlying technology and identifying operational risks within your organization. This is accomplished by first understanding any regulatory or information security standards which your company are trying to address. When then proceed to execute an independent security assessment. This approach helps your organization immediately understand the overall level of effectiveness within in relation to your IT Audit & Assurance goals.

We support your team by working your technology stakeholders to drive the implementation of appropriate controls to comply with relevant laws, regulations, client commitments and industry standards. After our engagement we will provide you with a set of customized deliverables which will serve as your RoadMap to IT Audit & Assurance success.

HPS Value Added

What sets us apart from our competitors is that we are information security practitioners first. This means that we think beyond “check box compliance.” Simply adopting this type of approach will never fully address the risks facing your organization. Therefore, our comprehensive IT & Audit services provide further insight and broader awareness of your organizations’ environment. This includes any future based changes that you are considering.

We help you assess, manage, and remediate IT-related risks by addressing your security controls, data integrity, security, privacy and supplier management concerns. Our primary goal is to ensure that your IT Audit & Assurance program continues to be successful by having a deeper understanding of the key areas highlighted below:

IT Audit & Assurance Benefits


HPS will assist you in gaining program visibility in relation to the exposure and risks that your organization face so that you can continue to design a long-term strategy for organizational change.


HPS will work with your technology team to gain traction with your executives and board members by translating security and technology improvements into business use cases. After all these risks are no longer considered the sole responsibility of Information Security specialists.


While every organization is unique, we consistently have been able to provide our customers with a sustainable RoadMap for addressing their IT Audit & Assurance needs and requirements. This is a core component of our services as we understand that organizations have more than IT Audit & Assurance demands to deal with on a daily basis. Our detailed reports ensure that you can easily re-focus your IT Audit & Assurance efforts and achieve your desired results.