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Network Security Architecture

Keeping your business operating effectively requires building and maintaining a highly available network. Today’s ever connected environment means that organizational boundaries are continuing to expand. It has become imperative for organizations to understand the way data traverses through the network. This can sometimes entail having to manage on premise and cloud environments. However, at the core of any on premise, cloud or hybrid approach is the Network Architecture. While Routing data from point A to point B is the core objective, it is essential to route data in a secure fashion. The essential component to achieving this is having complete visibility into your networked environment.

How can we help you?

HPS enables you to gain visibility into your environment by leveraging a variety of tools such as; network monitoring solutions, intrusion detection and prevention platforms, log analysis, and firewall policy reviews. This enables us to advise our customers and review significant opportunities to detect, contain, and eradicate threats before they can become full-blown data breaches.

HPS Value Added

We help our customers achieve network efficiency and network security by first working offering our Network design and implementation services. Our network design and implementation services begin with a comprehensive requirements analysis. Our team evaluates your current business and assesses your future needs. We consider your budget parameters and design a network to meet the present and future challenges of your organization. Our analysis of your environment coupled with the tools and programs mentioned below significantly improve the chance that an organization will quickly identify a threat and expunge it before damage can be done.

HPS Network Security Tool Offerings

Log Analysis

Provides added insight into the billions of logs an organization generates during a month. This enables organizations to have a high level of awareness regarding real-time events at both the network and host levels. HPS can implement, monitor and maintain your exiting log management tool or provide you with a managed service approach so that you can focus on running your business.

Firewall Policy Review and Audit

Maintaining firewall configurations is a difficult challenge for even the most experienced network administrator. A single firewall misconfiguration can result in a security, network availability, or regulatory compliance issues. Organizations often have thousands of firewall rules to maintain. This makes it difficult for any IT team to examine firewalls effectively and manage firewalls to ensure that the organization network is protected and in compliance. HPS simplifies this problem by implementing a firewall management program that can be independently managed by us.

Network Monitoring

It is essential to ensure that your network devices are continuously available. To track the availability of such devices a network monitoring solution is needed. This enables our customers to detect and report failures of devices or connections. Our network monitoring solution measures key performance statistics about you networked devices such as; CPU utilization, network bandwidth, and system up and down time.

Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems

Intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS and IPS) as foundational services for an in-depth defense against identified attacks. HPS provides managed IDS and IPS capabilities which will ensure that legitimate traffic reaches its intended destination for continued business operation.

End Goal

While every organization has different security requirements, there are many underlying technologies and capabilities that need to exist within your environment. HPS ensures that this capability are in place and continue to help you accomplish better visibility which leads to better security.