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Data Privacy Officer (DPO)

Privacy Experts at Your Fingertips

Meeting the requirements of the broad, ever-changing privacy regulatory landscape can be a challenge. Finding a proven methodology, and a partner you can trust, to build, implement, and manage your privacy program can be an even bigger challenge. To address this challenge, HPS provides a variety of Privacy Compliance services, to include Data Privacy Officer (DPO) consulting.

Tasks typically performed by a DPO can include monitoring compliance, which includes collecting information to identify and analyze processes, analyzing and checking compliance of processing activities, and conducting audits to ensure GDPR compliance and to address potential issues. The DPO is also responsible for informing and advising on issues and recommendations on data handling to the controller, or processor, and educating employees on data protection and handling. The DPO also serves as the POC for data subject inquiries and provides information on data subject’s rights pertaining to the organization’s data protection practices, withdrawal of consent, and the right to be forgotten.

DPO Services

HPS DPOs are experts in privacy and assisting organizations with coming into, and maintaining compliance with, data protection requirements globally, such as GDPR, CCPA, and ISO 27701.

  • Conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Advise and lead GDPR Compliance
  • Raise awareness and educate employees on data privacy laws and data processing requirements
  • Monitor compliance with data privacy rules and monitor privacy risks
  • Conduct Data Security and Processing Audits
  • Critical Data Breach Response
  • Data Mapping and Protection Impact Analysis
  • Act as Point of Contact for supervisory authorities and data subjects
  • Maintain records of processing and interface with Data Protection Authorities

To ensure the highest levels of success, HPS has partnered with OneTrust to leverage its technology platform. The OneTrust platform helps operationalize privacy initiatives for organizations and ensure year after year compliance with all routine privacy requirements.

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