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Identity Access Management

Identity Access Management (IAM) provides control over user access across organizational information systems. IAM solutions are designed to ensure that only assigned users can access relevant information systems, applications, data, and other resources as needed. This helps organizations control user provisioning and deprovisioning activities, ensuring that the correct levels of access are in place.
As a leading integrator and partner of the Okta IAM solution, HPS provides expert IAM advisory and IAM integration services. Our proud partnership with Okta helps our customers by simplifying their access control across on-premise and cloud environments.
Our team of Okta certified professionals is experienced in accomplishing difficult IAM projects across complicated IT environments and simplifying our customers’ processes for managing authentication and provisioning users.

Why Choose HPS?

We have a 100% success record with all our Okta implementations, and we pride ourselves on continuing this achievement. The main drivers for our success are our extensive experience and deep understanding of the complexity of IAM projects. We know that no two engagements are the exact same, so we utilize our knowledge gained from each implementation to provide the best possible customer experiences for all Okta implementations.
When you decide to leverage the Okta solution, you need a partner who is adept in all the Okta product offerings. Since there are many different Okta products available, it’s important to understand which make the most sense for your environment. The HPS team is skilled in all Okta offerings, and we stay up to date with new developments by actively participating in Okta trainings, conferences, and seminars. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we give you full guidance on which Okta products your business needs.

Single Sign-On

Sign in once to get instant access to all your apps.

API Access Management

Grant secure access to your APIs with our powerful policy framework.


Prevent identity attacks with an added level of authentication.

Universal Directory

Centrally manage every user, app, device, and API in your organization.

Lifecycle Management

Automate how people move into, across, and out of your organization.

Okta API Products

Build an app with our APIs for user management and authentication.

Download Our Identity & Access Management Data Sheet

Okta - Data Sheet

Contact us today to learn more about how Okta can simplify your access control challenges and improve user interactions with your applications.