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Security as a Service Solutions

Many organizations lack dedicated information security professionals needed to discover critical weaknesses and vulnerabilities. As a result, HPS has designed a service to help organizations obtain the data they need to influence internal decision-makers and take corrective actions.

Currently, HPS has several “As a Service” offerings to assist organizations:

  • SIEM as a Service
  • System & Network Device Auditing as a Service
  • Vulnerability Assessments as a Service
  • Log Management as a Service

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Compliance and Risk Management

Many entities are required to adhere to strict regulatory guidance. This means that information systems must be formally accepted into their environment by undergoing a rigorous examination for security flaws and weaknesses. HPS is adept in helping organizations achieve security compliance with a variety of leading government and industry standards including; DIACAP, FISMA, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, COBIT, ISO 27001/2.

Our approach entails accomplishing security assessments that are pertinent to your environment. Our comprehensive security assessments are designed to assess relevant security controls, best practices and security frameworks in order to identify the overall level of effectiveness within your organization. This approach helps organizations create a roadmap for future security initiatives and planning.

Virtualization and Cloud Security

HPS provides Cloud Integration and virtualization services which assist clients in designing and architecting the right cloud solution for their business needs. This approach leverages existing infrastructure, and ensures security remains ubiquitous throughout the life cycle. We start by understanding your organizations business goals and IT objectives, analyzing your IT architecture in the process. We then work with you to define a roadmap that incorporates a secure, cost effective, optimized cloud solution that suits your organizational needs.

HPS understands many of the hesitations in relation to moving to the cloud. To ease these concerns we offer our services to help conduct Cloud Security Assessments to help our customers feel at ease with their eventual Cloud Security Strategy.

Penetration Testing

With the continued increase of cyber-attacks it is important for organizations to assess their current security posture. Penetration Testing helps identify weaknesses within your organizations from the perspective of a hacker. Penetration testing will help demonstration how easily weaknesses identified by your vulnerability scanners can be exploited by attackers; Penetration testing also helps identify holes on your network other tools failed to discover.

Network Security Architecture

Today’s connected environment coupled with the rise of the Internet of things (IoT), and an Internet of Everything (IoE), an organization’s boundaries are ever expanding. The importance of a multilayered security has become more apparent. Long gone are the days of simply setting up a firewall to protect an environment. An organization’s network infrastructure is the network that carries one of the organizations most valued business assets, it’s data and information. A company’s infrastructure is to data what a railroad track is to a cargo train. It is important that that it stays secure, safe, and available so it’s assets can make it to their destination as intended. No matter what stage of growth an organization is in, HPS has the ability to assist with improving the network security posture. HPS engineers can assist with network design consultation of both existing and planned environments. In addition, HPS offers network related assessments that include but are not limited to:

  • Firewall Policy Assessment
  • Perimeter Assessment
  • Network Design Consultation

General Consulting Services

Information Security entails a variety of core competencies ranging from compliance issues to design issues. Here at HPS we are happy to assist with helping you gain traction with a project or finalize the design issues that are preventing you from completing a project. If it’s IT Security related we can help!

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