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Does Your Business Need a Network Security Upgrade in 2020?

Does your business need a network security upgrade in 2020? Cyber security is more important today than it ever has been. Businesses are being targeted by cyber criminals lead to data breaches, ransomware, denial of service, and more. These attacks are growing increasingly sophisticated. The good news is that information security technologies have improved in sophistication as well. The bad news is that most businesses are woefully behind when it comes to network security.

Modern Network Security Techniques

Although cyber criminals are improving their methods, modern cyber security techniques and technologies are getting equally advanced and hard to beat. Taking a multi-faceted approach to security can help make sure your network is as close to impenetrable as possible.

Multi-Factor Authentication: Traditional login credentials are weak and relatively easy to compromise. Passwords can be lost, are often reused, and are rarely sufficiently complex. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) addresses this problem by sending a one-time code to a phone or hardware token. Users need both their credentials and the temporary code to log into your network.

Identity and Access Control: Creating rules about who can access what is one of the core concepts of effective security. Using router/switch access control as well as firewall rules, you can effectively limit access to your networked resources to only users and devices that have been approved.

Intrusion Prevention Systems: These systems are typically used between the private network and the internet. The IPS has a database of known malicious signatures and scans incoming data for them. Detected malicious data packets are blocked.

Mobile Device Security: Many organizations have a bring-your-own-device policy that allows people to use mobile devices on their networks. This can create a vulnerability. Mobile device security practices require that smartphones and other devices meet security minimums such as encryption and strong passwords. If they fail the checks on the network, they are blocked.

Security Awareness Training: Some of the most serious network security problems arise from team members being poorly informed about security. They may reuse, weak passwords or leave devices unlocked and unattended. Training is one of the best ways to improve overall security adherence.

Your Business May Be at Risk

Many of the above solutions are simple and cost-effective to implement. Certainly, they are all less costly than a serious breach. Despite this, many businesses do not use them. In fact, chances are high that your business currently has security vulnerabilities from outdated practices.

An alarming number of organizations are actively hurting their security by choosing not to update operating systems and disabling software-based firewalls. This can put organizations at serious risk of a cyber-attack.

The cost of an attack can be severe. From legal liabilities to reduced revenue, cybercrime can seriously hurt businesses. Getting proactive can ensure your business doesn’t become a victim.

Upgrade Your Cyber Security

Fortunately, you don’t need to improve your security alone. Hancock & Poole Security is a team of information security consulting experts. We work with businesses like yours to implement superior cyber security solutions.

Don’t let your network stay vulnerable. It is time to upgrade your security with modern techniques and tools. Contact Hancock & Poole Security today to learn more about how we can help you improve your business’s digital security.